Educate Yourself

Did you know that 70% of the existing CBD products on the market are either contaminated or fraudulent? This unfortunate fact has been reported on many times by a variety of sources, one of the most trusted reports comes from the University of Pennsylvania.

Whether or not you purchase from us, please do your due diligence before buying or ingesting any cannabinoid products. While the discovery and rapid spread of CBD has improved many lives, it has also attracted the attention of far too many bad actors trying to make a quick buck. Consumers should ask detailed questions about the source of the products you buy. The vast majority of brands are simply resellers of someone else's product and cannot attest to the origin of the product. Walking through a hemp farm makes for great photo opportunities but nearly all the problems with contamination and fraud stem directly from the extraction and bottling processes. Very few of the resellers we have met have taken the time to visit the factories that produce their products.

Do you:

  • Produce your own CBD products?
  • Buy CBD oil extract to blend into your own products?
  • Buy someone else's fully made CBD product(s) for re-sale?

If you produce your own CBD products:

  • Where and how is your hemp grown? (Ask for certifications, if possible)
  • What is the process used for the CBD extraction?

Questions to ask if you are a retailer selling CBD products:

  • What efforts have you made to verify claims of authenticity by your supplier?
  • What type of CBD extract is in your products? Does it contain a natural or synthetic isolate? Is it full spectrum or broad spectrum?
  • How is the CBD extracted? What solvents are used in the extraction process? Does the extractor employ multiple solvents for extraction?
  • Are Terpenes retained in your product? If so, how are they retained?  NOTE: Terpenes are very volatile molecules that are not only difficult to capture but they also add a distinct scent and flavor that can make product development more difficult. Many scientists believe terpenes might influence how the human body’s endocannabinoid receptors are activated.
  • If you don’t use full spectrum extract, how is the THC removed? What chemicals and equipment are used? NOTE: Our process of THC remediation does not require the use of harsh/toxic chemicals, which are used by most everyone else in the industry.
  • What are your internal testing procedures for potency and contaminants? Who selects samples and who performs the tests? Potency test results can vary dramatically from lab to lab even for the same material. Many new testing facilities are overwhelmed by the number of companies needing tests performed and rely on poorly trained staff who do not follow scientific procedures resulting in wide variations in results.