60ml Citrus Flavor

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Staff favorite Citrus is the perfect blend of lemon and lime essential oils with just a touch of vanilla. While we don’t add any sweeteners Citrus still brings back memories of the perfect orange julius…

Serving Size: 1ml
Cannabinoids per Serving: 15mg
Servings Per Container: 59

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2 reviews for 60ml Citrus Flavor

  1. D. Marshall

    I have been in construction for 45 years and the heavy hard work has taken a toll on my body along with the sins of youth like playing football.  I tried his product and after 3 days I noticed my back was not hurting like it usually did walking around the job site. I was so impressed with this CBD oil that I told my Chiropractor about it and I see her 1-2x monthly.  My wife takes CBD oil drops for one of her knees. I tried it before and it tasted like dirty muddy oil. This product tastes great and I like taking it. It has a nice citrus flavor to it. I do not know how this CBD oil works but it has helped me to stay out of pain during the day and when I get home after work.

  2. Shawn

    This is by far the best CBD oil I have bought and I have tried at least five different brands. First of all if you have any experience with CBD products you can really taste the difference between quality oils and the others. This oil tastes very clean and has a very smooth mouth feel. I’ve only tried the citrus and the natural and both are much better than any others I have had. The virus is not overpowering at all and actually tastes natural. As for the benefits I seem to get from this tincture there are three I absolutely notice. First of all I have pretty bad knee pain in my right knee which I blame on inflammation. After a few days of taking it two times a day the pain is non existent. So much so that I forget to take it until it starts aching again a few days later. It works very well for me. Secondly it help me get a good nights sleep every time. I’ve tried unisom and other over the counter sleep aids which do work but they can give me unnerving dreams or make me wake up half way through the night sweating. Not a fan of anxiety causing nightmares! Funny enough the oil does help me manage my chronic anxiety so that’s a plus. This stuff really works and it works best if you use it daily as I believe it builds up in your system. Try it for a week and hopefully you’ll become a believer like me.

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